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Memorable Holiday for Everyone in Raffles Hotel Singapore

Do you want to stay at 
Raffles Hotel for your holiday? If you do, you need to know what are the benefits of reserving a room there. Below is a review of the facilities and services that are available at this resort to support visitor convenience.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is one of the facilities at Raffles Hotel. There are many things to do in comfortable facilities like the swimming pool. It has a large size and has a square shape.

This swimming pool consists of 2 types, namely an adult pool and a specific pool for children. The unique children's pool is not too deep, so it is considered safe, and you can maximize the safety of children by renting a buoy.

You don't need to worry about the level of cleanliness because the water in the swimming pool is clean and has a natural temperature. The bottom of the pool made with blue ceramics certainly makes the pool view look more attractive.


Furthermore, there is a restaurant that serves a variety of local and foreign menus at different prices. The restaurant at this resort has a calm atmosphere and contemporary design, making it a perfect place to relax.

You can order a variety of food menus, from main dishes to desserts or deserts. As for the drinks, you can order juices, soft drinks, or others according to your taste.

Sports Facilities

In addition to a swimming pool and restaurant, Hotel Raffles also provides sports facilities such as a gym for visitors. If you like sports activities, you can take advantage of the available sports facilities.

The facilities in this gym are complete enough so that your sports activities can run smoothly. That way, you don't have to go far to find a sports venue, because this resort already provides it.


Furthermore, there are facilities in the form of a children's playground specially made for visitors who come with children. The children's playground at Raffles Hotel has many variants of games, such as swings and seesaw.

In addition, there are also skating games, houses, and a mini outbound arena which of course is guaranteed to be safe. The appearance of the children's playground is also quite attractive. So, you can take a photo spot to capture the moment of togetherness. there

Meeting Room

Not only guaranteeing entertainment needs, but this resort has also provided meeting rooms for the work needs of visitors. The location of the meeting room is not far from the hotel room and has a large size, can accommodate about 50 people.

In the meeting room, there are various supporting facilities for meeting events. Such as LCD projectors, air conditioners, and tables and chairs. The layout of the meeting room at the resort has many facilities to support all meeting activities.

The rides for both entertainment and other rides provided by Raffles Hotel are complete, according to the needs of visitors. If you're looking for a quality resort with complete rides, don't hesitate to make this place your choice.

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