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What Are The Facilities At Porcelain Hotel Singapore?


Do you decide to stay at Porcelain Hotel for your next trip? One of the things you should look for is the various facilities. Generally, hotels will provide facilities that pamper their guests. It depends on the hotel room rental price you choose. If you want to know about the facilities and services in this place, here are the details.

Clean Room

Facilities that Porcelain Hotel offers clean rooms from floor to ceiling. Cleanliness will make you feel at home while having a staycationAll the guests can rest comfortably to start their activities the next day.

Of course, you don't want to stay in a dusty hotel room. You can find out about the cleanliness of the hotel, from the reviews of previous visitors.

Comfortable Bed

In addition a clean room, another consideration in choosing a hotel room is also a comfortable bed. Of course, you don't want to spend the night in a hotel that has dirty mattresses and smells bad.

These constraints will interfere with your comfort in rest. Instead of wanting to sleep well, you will think quickly about checking out of the hotel, the next day.

24 Hours Front Desk Service

Usually, people who travel out of town or abroad, can not predict with certainty the time of arrival at the hotel. Generally, travelers will explore the city or country that is their tourist destination first, before heading to the hotel to rest.

Sometimes, some guests arrive at their destination hotel at night, even early in the morning. Therefore, 24-hour reception service is a service that travelers need, for easier check-in.

Pick Up Facilities

Porcelain Hotel does provide a pickup service, which allows for an additional fee. However, some hotels offer free pick-up by bus from or to the airport.

Usually, five-star hotels provide this facility, so that guests feel privileged with these services. The existence of a free shuttle facility makes guests who want to stay overnight, do not need to look for public transportation.

Parking Lot

A spacious parking lot is a facility that travelers are looking for when traveling using a private vehicle. Vehicle access to the hotel should be considered, in addition to parking. Usually, guests don't want to have trouble finding a parking space, when they want to stay at a hotel.

Cable Television and Free Wi-Fi

Cable television facilities make the channels that you can watch more diverse, from local broadcasts to international channels. If you are abroad, you can still watch your favorite shows from local channels.

Another facility that almost all adults and children need is the internet. However, Porcelain Hotel provides free Wi-Fi in all areas of the hotel, so you can still access the internet for free.

The completeness of hotel facilities that visitors can get, one of the things that affect it is the room rental price. The previous review described some of the facilities available in the Porcelain Hotel. So, do you want to stay in this resort for your next holiday?

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